Download the Cesium Plugin for Unreal Engine 5

Course Notes (2022-05-18):

This lesson covers the installation of the plugin that allows you to navigate around a globe (the "Cesium for Unreal" plugin).

This lesson looks at installing the following:

5 minutes into the video, the course asks you to restart Unreal Engine, and the video states that you should not proceed until shaders are compiled. Please be aware that if you are compiling these shaders on the cloud, that the compile time can take over 20 minutes.

When testing the course on the cloud today, I noticed that .NET did not get detected within Rider.

If that happens, do not install the current version of .NET (you don't need it to get through the remainder of the course). Simply click on "Next: Featured plugins" and go through the remainder of the lesson.

Course Notes (2022-05-03):

The course was originally recorded before the new Cesium Plugin was released. The course has been tested to be compatible with Unreal Engine 5.0.1 and the UE5 "Cesium for Unreal" plugin, but parts of the course were filmed using Unreal Engine 5.0 Early Edition 2 and a plugin manually built from open source.

In the rare event that you see a reference to "Cesium For Unreal plugin designed for 4.26", you should know that this referred to the manually built plugin, and YOU WILL NOT see this warning message when you run your code.

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