Building Cesium Plugin for Unreal Engine 5


The following are a couple of Frequently Asked Questions on the build process that hopefully helps if you get stuck while following the steps in the video:

>> Do you need to create the Dev directory under C:\?

Cesium Documentation on GitHub references the Dev directory. Thought I had read that this initial directory needs to be short so that the entire directory path does not exceed a maximum length. Your best bet is to follow the steps in the video and create the C:\Dev directory.

>> Why video?

For me, there are a lot of steps in this build process (including the use of the x86_x64 Cross Tools Command Prompt for VS 2019). That process I believe is covered in the video I put together on installing Visual Studio and in this video.

>> What if you don’t have time to watch these videos?


I strongly advise watching the VS Studio and Build Plugin videos, but the following are what I see as the main steps to get something running:

(within Powershell in Admin mode)

cd C:\

mkdir Dev

cd Dev

git clone

cd cesium-unreal-samples

mkdir Plugins

cd Plugins

git clone --recursive

cd cesium-unreal

git checkout ue5-support-nithin

git submodule update --init –-recursive

(within x86_x64 Cross Tools Command Prompt for VS 2019)

cmake -B build -S . -G "Visual Studio 16 2019" **-A x64**

cmake --build build --config Release --target install

>> Does this build perfectly work with all features of UE5?

I have no idea. I have not done an extensive test of the code, but it works well enough for navigation and flying around the globe.

>> Should you just wait for the official plugin to be released on the Epic Games Marketplace?

If there is an updated Cesium for Unreal plugin on the Epic Games Marketplace that states compatibility with UE5, use that. Otherwise, follow the build process outlined in the video.

Troubleshooting "Failed to build Riderlink plugin" error

• Did you go into Settings-> Languages & Frameworks -> Unreal Engine -> Install RiderLink plugin in Game ? I found that BAD things happen if you Install RiderLink plugin in Engine; installation into the Game is key. 

• I did a quick Google search on “Failed to build Riderlink plugin”, and saw but I have no idea if this is relevant for people who get stuck at this step. 

If you have looked at the video, if you have paid for the course, and if you get stuck, I am happy to help. Send me an email ([email protected]) with your questions.